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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

What are the break lease requirements?
There are two parts to breaking your lease:
1. There is a break lease fee of ½ month’s rent; and
2. You continue to be responsible for rent and utilities through the date your lease expires OR the date we move in a new tenant, whichever occurs first.

We will start marketing as soon as we receive your notice in writing, which can be via email.

I’m responsible for yard care, what exactly does that mean?
Generally speaking, yard care is defined as mowing the yard weekly, keeping it green and ensuring it is relatively weed-free, including flower beds.

One or more of the tenants on my lease want to move out. What do I do?
If there is an agreement between the tenants to allow one or more off the lease, send in an email to so stating with the name(s) of the tenant(s) leaving and the dates they will be moving out. An Addendum will then be uploaded to the tenant portal for all tenants to sign (as well as co-signers, if applicable) removing the tenant(s). The Addendum is not valid until each tenant (and co-signer, if applicable) has signed.

I want to add a tenant to my lease. What do I do?
The first step is to email to ensure the unit is not at maximum occupancy (not typical). The second step is for the new tenant to complete an Application to Rent. Once approved, an Addendum will be uploaded to the tenant portal for all tenants (and co-signers, if applicable) to sign adding the new person to the lease.

How do I submit a complaint?
Complaints must be in writing and can be submitted via email to

What steps do I need to take to get a pet?
Email a description of the pet to Include physical details such as the type, breed, size, age and sex. Include any information you think would be helpful in making your case such as whether or not the pet is trained, fixed, etc. Your request will be submitted to the property owner for approval. Once approved a Pet Addendum must be signed. Typically the owner will want a pet deposit and a non-refundable pet fee paid monthly with rent. Typically, for one pet the deposit is $250 and the monthly pet fee is $25/month but that is dependent upon the owner and the number of pets.